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  • science POST Submit Event Result
    /api/event/submit_result/{id}?key={key} content_copy arrow_forward


    Submit a result (e.g. via server controller) to TMNews for live results.

    This method can input playerdata and connect them to a MX user either via ingame login or TMNews PlayerID.

    Missing players and teams on TMNews will automatically be created - in consequence, a return object contains Identifier data for the newly created teams with the PlayerID/TeamIDs. If possible, assign these programatically after returning, especially for Teams. Otherwise, it's also just possible to keep using the login for the players.

    Input parameters


    Input Object

      "Result": {
        "EventID": 20031,
        "Notes": "...",
        "Finished": false,
        "ResultGroup": "Map 3",
        "PlayerList": [
            "PlayerID": 1,
            "PlayerName": "CarlJr",
            "PlayerLogin": "",
            "TeamID": 1,
            "Position": 1,
            "Score": "1000",
            "Country": "CA",
            "TeamString": "SLY",
            "Prize": ""
        "TeamList": [
          "TeamID": 1,
          "TeamName": "Solary",
          "TeamString": "SLY",
          "Country": "FR",
          "Score": 5,
          "Prize": "",
          "Position": 1,
          "Color": "2482c9",
          "Note": "..."

    Output Object

       "TeamList": [],
       "PlayerList": [],
       "ResultID": 380,
       "Message": "Result with ResultGroup `Map 3`not found - will be created.\n
                  Player on Position 1 found: `CarlJr` (PlayerID: 1)\n
                  Player on Position 2 not found\n
                     Profile created for `Chris92` - PlayerID: 12\n
                  Team `EVO` not found on TMNews (no TeamID)\n
                     Profile created for `EVO` - TeamID: 2\n
                  Result Group has been updated.\n
                  Player Results have been updated.\n
                  Team Results have been updated."

    Output parameters